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Our 4 Key Principles for
Effective Education



The object of the Resource Centre is to provide educational resources for use out in the community schools via a library and mobile library system.


HTRC, through our involvement with HeronBridge College, support the worldwide initiative 'Rise Against Hunger'. An international hunger relief agency that has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger for many years.



The HeronBrldge Training and Resource Centre (HTRC), endeavors to educate, train and mentor teachers In our surrounding previously disadvantaged communities.


Every year we identify the most needy school on our Programme for either a "make over" repainting existing structures, restoring roofs, fences and equipping the classrooms with necessary resources. 

Mission Statement

To provide educators, particularly those from previously disadvantaged communities with:

  • A training and learning facility that will develop levels of proficiency which will enable them to meet the needs of early childhood learners in their case; 
  • The knowledge and understanding of the requirements needed to develop children in physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual areas;
  • Guidance on utilising appropriate developmental programmes for children to meet the skills, values and knowledge outcomes of the National Curriculum Statement;
  • The skills to lay the foundation in children’s lives for them to find their respective places in their communities and greater society;
  • A resource centre to assist with materials for teaching
  • A Christ-centered approach regarding educational values, to enable them to influence the children in their care to accept a Christian word view.

What we do

Equipping and Empowering through
Education and Training.
What this video to find out more!

Certified Non-Profit Organisation 094-264-NPO



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